Kevin Dyer is a DP, camera operator, AC, editor, photographer, retoucher, and composer.


Kevin’s experience in the film industry started over 10 years ago when he and Michael Sweeney of everythingtonothing studios started making low budget indie films together. He now shoots with industry standard cinema cameras from ARRI, RED, Sony, and Canon. Kevin’s experience in film includes DP, cam op, AC, DIT, gaffer, editor, and composer.


Kevin has worked as a photographer, retoucher and photo assistant in Las Vegas, NV for commercial, lifestyle, fashion and celebrity photographers. He has many years of experience shooting on Canon and Nikon cameras, using his professional training on Profoto Lighting equipment to achieve any lighting effects required to get the shot.


Kevin has several years of experience with digital retouching with Photoshop, mastering the techniques necessary to get your photos looking their absolute best before they go into circulation. Kevin has retouched everything from architectural photography to advertising, marketing, editorial and more. Whether you’re a pro photographer or just starting out, you could benefit from the enhancements Kevin is able to provide to your digital images.


Kevin has been creating music since a very young age. At the age of 5 he began learning the piano, which eventually lead to him composing/writing music beginning around age 16. Since then he has learned to utilize professional recording software titles such as Ableton Live and Apple’s Logic Pro to record, mix and master his own music as well as other singer/songwriters in the industry. Kevin specializes in creating scores for films as well as jingles or background music for marketing/social networking videos.