Kevin Dyer is a camera operator, camera assistant, editor, photographer, retoucher, composer, and more.


Kevin’s experience in the film industry started over 10 years ago when he and Michael Sweeney of everythingtonothing studios started making low budget indie films together. Starting with an old 8mm camcorder and eventually upgrading to the Canon XL1 and XL2, they now shoot in up to 4K HD with industry standard equipment such as ARRI and RED camera systems, Canon, Nikon and Sony DSLRs, and an array of high end cinema lenses. Kevin’s experience in film includes Camera Op, AC, DIT, Audio, Gaffer, and even editing and scoring the films on the back end.


Kevin has been shooting photography for over 10 years on both Nikon and Canon DSLRs. Shooting with such models as the Nikon D40, D50, D80 and D90 as well as the Canon 7D, 5D mkII/mkIII and the 1D mkIV, Kevin has experience with an array of consumer level equipment up to the best camera bodies currently on the market. Kevin also has experience with dozens of different professional lenses, knowing exactly which camera and lens setup to use to create a specific result. Kevin also has a vast knowledge of studio lighting equipment and techniques. Professionally trained on Profoto strobes, Kevin can create or duplicate virtually any effect you are looking for with only a few lights, making the photos that he shoots for you one of a kind and specific to your exact needs. Kevin has shot everything from weddings and events to advertising campaigns, marketing imagery as well as simple headshots and portraits.


Kevin has several years of experience with digital retouching with Adobe Photoshop, mastering the techniques necessary to get your photos looking their absolute best before they go into circulation. Kevin has retouched everything from architectural photography to product photography and a multitude of different styles of portrait photography. Whether you are a pro photographer or just starting out you could benefit from the enhancements Kevin is able to provide to your digital images.


Kevin has been creating music since a very young age. At the age of 5 he began learning the piano, which eventually lead to him composing/writing music beginning around age 16. Since then he has learned to utilize professional recording software titles such as Ableton Live and Apple’s Logic Pro to record, mix and master his own music as well as other singer/songwriters in the industry. Kevin specializes in creating dramatic scores for films as well as cheerful jingles or background music for marketing/social networking videos and much more.